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LIUYONG X RISHIKENSH Fashion Show Successfully Held at NYFW

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Update time : 2019-09-16 13:31:24
On September 10th (Eastern Time), the LIUYONG X RISHIKENSH fashion show was held at Gallery I of the official venue Spring Studio of the SS2020 New York Fashion Week. Together with Liu Yong, the winner of the “Golden Thimble Award”, Rishikensh Movement presents the world an unprecedented visual feast, drawing high attention of plenty of fashionistas and professional buys from all around the globe.

Taken “the life of Yoga” as a core idea, Rishikensh Movement magically combined the long-standing and well-established Chinese history with modern “Street Culture” and “Punk Style”. With the idea of “Fashion in Life, Style to Infinity”, Rishikensh Movement adopted the world-first garment tie-dye technique, creating effortless edgy and sporty fashion collection featuring uniqueness, comfort wearing, diversity and culture integration.

The 130 pieces of clothes showed at NYFW runways are basically in 48 styles of 3 colorways. Blue embellished with orange transmits ocean-like tranquility out of fire-like passion; colorful rainbow pattern from tie-dye collides the sparks of peaceful Yoga and active street culture; ever-lastingly classical black, white and silver pass the nice wishes of chasing calmness and expecting for the happy future.

Apart from the advanced fashion concept, Rishikensh Movement also released the sign of high-tech fabric entering the fashion industry. With exclusive fabric functioning sweat-wicking, quick-dry, four-way stretch, anti-ultraviolet, water-proof and more, Rishikensh Movement showed not only the extraordinary fashion sense but also the amazing material innovation in the Chinese fashion industry.

Rishikensh Movement is a fashion brand established by High Hope Int’l Group Jiangsu Cyberonfashion Fashion Co Ltd a professional and trustworthy garment supplier. The brand reinterprets the essence of Yoga and mainly designs clothes integrated multiple elements such as “Street Culture”, “Punk Style”, “Fashion Tie Dye” and “Diversity”, winning great popularity in middle-end and high-end customers all over the world.

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